Do you know about the Greeters of Bordeaux or of Gironde?

It’s a fantastic way to meet locals who love to welcome and share with others. These passionate ambassadors can take you to popular or hidden places based on your own interests. They can help you discover where to take the best photos or learn more about local life. They share with you the daily life of their town or village and their personal story.

Each Greeter has his own vision, each encounter is a unique experience.

Depending on the availability of volunteers, a Greeter will respond to your request: this will be an opportunity to discuss your wishes for discovery and determine a specific time and place of meeting.

If you want a documented and guided visit, please contact the Bordeaux Tourist Office or the Association des Guides de Nouvelle Aquitaine.

If you wish to share an experience with an inhabitant of the Bordeaux Metropolan area  who will welcome you and make you discover the daily life of this city in a totally subjective way, click on the button below