With Bordeaux, Greeters, enter the everyday heritage of Bordeaux !

Our core values

A face friend, friendliness, free, open to all, slowtourism, enrichment cultrural

Meet a Greeter

Off the beaten track, a Greeter will make you discover "his" city, what he loves there, what you want to discover from everyday life

Become a greeter

Do you like Bordeaux? Would you like to share your discoveries, good tips, your daily life? Do you want to meet new people? Do you subscribe to our values? Come and join

Visitors talk about it

After a greet, talk to the Bordeaux people for a day:

"It was a pleasure to discover the city of Bordeaux with our Greeter, absolutely eager to pass on his taste for the city! Thank you for the time and energy devoted to our walk, we would do it again without hesitation!"
Drapeau belge
"We had a very good time with Christophe, our Greeter! The visit lasted 2h30 and was very interesting with many beautiful discoveries and anecdotes. A great experience!"
Drapeau français
"The ride was great! Jeanne is great too! She knows the city well and is passionate. After our afternoon together, I fell in love with Bordeaux."
Drapeau irtalien

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